Binding Options

We offer range of binding options in-house..

Saddle stitch

This is a method of binding where the folded pages are stitched from outside using wire staples. Saddle Stitch is limited to 64 Pages. The staples will be positioned in the middle spread.

Perfect binding

In this binding type edges of the sheets are glued to the cover, This works best for up to 48 pages. You need to allow glue spine margins in design.

Bonded Perfect binding

Same as perfect binding but using composite glue which is strong enough to hold 200 or more pages booklet.

Spiral binding

Wir-O or Spiral Binding, Uses single or double loop spiral coil to run through holes in the pages to bind them. Normally used for notebooks and have matching colours and plastic and wire options.

                 Wire -O binding                                    Plastic Coil Binding

French fold

A one side printed sheet is folded in two right angle folds to form four page uncut section. This is then bonded using perfect binding.