How long will it take to produce my order?

Delivery estimates varies for each product. This information can be found on delivery estimate page, Normally all products are manufactured within 5 – 6  business days and are shipped on same day. Except urgent Orders which are manufactured based on delivery deadline. And Large orders which take more time may be 8 – 10 business days for manufacturing e.g custom boxes. All our orders are shipped free of cost using Australia Post, Courier please and DHL we provide free shipping services for all our clients from Australia and New Zealand. We offer rush orders as well and rush orders take 3 to 4 business day form order receiving till order delivery at your door step.

How do I place an order online?

You can place an order online by clicking on the product and checking the pricing and having it checked out. Or you can order via email.

How do I place multiple items on the one order?

Once you have added an item to your shopping cart, please click Continue Shopping to keep browsing for more products. When you are ready to place your order, please navigate back to your shopping cart and click on Proceed to checkout to continue with order processing.

Can I order larger quantity or custom item not listed on you website?

Yes please send us email “sales@beeprinting.com.au” and our 24/7 available staff will be able to help you instantly.

Is it possible to order a re-print of a previous job?

Yes it is! If you require a re-print of a previous order, please follow these instructions:

Go to your account in “My Account”.
Locate the order you would like to re-print and click on View Details.
Click Re-print Job to place your order.

Can i cancel my order?

If you wish to cancel the order you need to do so before approval or production has started. Once Production is started it is not possible to cancel the order.

Can I order black and white or custom colour printing from you?
We offer custom colour printing according to your requirements and printing limitations. If your project requires black and white printing or 4/0, 4/1, 4/2 or 4/3 colour printing we can do that for you.

You can select any product from our website can further mention which PMS or CMKY colour you are looking for. You can send us computer picture or colour code to use and we will able to produce those for you. If you need further customization of the printing to emboss colours or ink pot printing on products like Folders , Business Cards, Flyers or Brochures, We can do that as well for you. Ask us what you need

Do you offer custom size printing?
Yes We offer custom size and shape printing, You can give ask for any size and we will print it for you if it is in printing limits of that particular material you requested or we will suggest best alternatives for the requested size, Visit her for Custom Printing Prices .

Do you charge extra for bleeds?
We do not charge extra for bleeds, bleeds is essential part of printing some hints while designing your file. Best Design File check instructions

What types of cards and paper stock do we have?

We have many types of cards & papers available, depending on what you are ordering. Each product page shows suitable standard paper and card types.

How printing colours are different monitor colours?
Computer version of proof is based on RGB colours, once converted to CMYK or PMS colour coding system it is near to accurate colours. Whereas colour shift may still occur due to special effects or final finishes / Lamination’s choosen

Will we match printing with previous samples or computer print-outs?
BeePrinting uses standard colour densities to produce colours and there is a possibility of slight variation in colours or tones in recent order and previous samples or computer print outs; As colour recipes each time can differ from previous ones. Therefor it is not 100% guaranteed as if your colours will match exactly computer print outs or previous samples but we do our best do match colours. With the fact offset printing in comparison to laser jet or ink-jet printing users different colour combinations and technologies therefore even with the finest printing there will be slight change in colours

Do you offer discount on re-ordering and for old customers?

As long a process and plates are reusable you will get 10% discount, otherwise you will have to order them from scratch. Plates, Process, Blade lines stay in reusable condition for 4 to 5 months only.

How fast can you provide hardcopy proof my job?

After placing the order and sending us your final artwork, your product proof will be ready in 2 -3 business day.

What are acceptable payment methods?

We accept payment Via credit card (VISA and Master, Amex) or direct deposit into our bank account and PayPal.

What happens if my transaction declines?

If a transaction is declined, your order will be held on stage And or sales representative will contact you within 24 hours to help you in arranging payment via an alternative method.

Do you keep our Financial information on file?

We do not directly charge from your credit card, hence we do not require your credit card information. We take payment via secure third party payment processor PayPal.

Will I receive an tax invoice on order placement?

Yes we offer PDF version of tax invoice which is email to order email address.

Can I set up an Vendor Account?

Yes you can set up an vendor account with us but we require deposit for each order that you place.

Why are your prices so low?

Our products are printed in bulk and hence we keep our prices low, we run a fully automated file upload/order processing system.

How much bleed on each side of a design?
3mm is the correct amount since there should be some room for cutting and pasting as well.How do I upload my Artwork?

Uploading artwork is part of our online ordering system. on cart page it gives you option to upload your artwork, You can upload all types of files such as “jpg,png,eps,pdf,cdr, ai, psd , zip and video files as well. In case of multiple files make a zip folder and upload it on cart page. In case of files bigger than 64MB, Use shareware e.g Drop Box, We Transfer and attach the link with the order. you will find box to paste URL on cart page.

What files should I upload?

You need to send us high resolution image or vector file, Make sure vector file is group/outline/object before you send that for printing

Do you accept artwork via email?

Yes accept artwork via email, dropbox , Shareware and directly from on our website

What is the maximum file size I can upload?

We can accept files up to 64MB in size. This is more than large enough to cater for correctly prepared press ready artwork.

Shipping Services

We use Australia Post, Courier please and DHL for shipping in Australia and New Zealand

What is transit time for shipping?
2 – 3 Business Days 

Will I always receive exactly the quantity as I order?
We ship more quantity than you order to avoid any third party damages loss or transit loss. We follow the formula for 10% more than ordered quantity. And your ordered quantity is always guaranteed.

What if I want to change something on my order after I’ve placed it or approved the proof?
You can change your design or part of your design even after the order is placed and approved at the additional cost of 15% and additional lap time, only if production has not begun yet. If order is in the printing and then you change anything it can not be changed. in case of just minor changes they may be done at additional cost but you need to discuss it with our team as soon you find change need. It is recommended to review your proof before you approve it for printing as it might be difficult to cancel or change anything in order once it is in printing.

How do I view my proof?
Your proof is available in your account on our website or we will send you a copy of proof via email as well.

Do you accept artwork in MS Word or PowerPoint format?

Yes we accept artwork in MS Word and PowerPoint as long as you have high resolution file attached to it or we can create custom design for you free of cost.

What other file formats can you take?
We can take any Mac or PC version of In Design, Corel DRAW!, Illustrator, Photoshop, Publisher, Word, PowerPoint, any file output as a PDF and Microsoft  Publisher, Word, Excel, Home Publishing, PowerPoint etc.

Do you accept CD, DVD and USB for getting Design ?
Yes we accept CD , DVD and USB for getting design you can send us your storage device.

Do you provide handling manual with jobs ? 

Yes we provide handling manuals with jobs like folders, boxes to help you guide how to assemble boxes as they are sent in 2D /un-assembled form.

Do you provide templates for exact size of the product?
Templates are available on some of the product ordering pages.