Special Finishes

Make your Print job stand out with a special finish

Spot varnish

Get Additional finish with Spot Varnish. This extra finish allows you to add amazing final touch to your project, including matt varnish, spot matt varnish (water mark) or a spot colour.

Die-cut or Laser -cutting

A manual processing method is used for cutting of irregular shapes on Paper, Cardboard, Stickers and all types of materials. A creasing of knife rule is bent to the desired shape and mounted on wood to make a cutting die board. This is then pressed into the stock to cut it to the shape or to form crease lines.

Hot Foil

Give metallic colourful effects to your art, works as great embellishment on printed items.

Embossing and Debossing

Get a desired punch out (embossing) or punch in (debossing) for your text, shapes to give it raised or pressed effect. Embossing / debossing die board is done with embossing machine.


Helps you creating tear-off section of a printed document!  Series of small holes are punched through paper or desired material with binder machine to get perforation effect. Perforation can be done in custom shapes as well


Clear plastic films cover the printed sheet to protect printing from damage to give desired shiny, dull / matte and aqueous effects.