Swing Tags

Top 3 Types of Swing Tags For Your Business

You see swing tags everywhere, from clothes to electronics to everyday-use items. They offer an easy and subtle way to provide necessary information to clients. At the same time, swing tags can also be a useful tool in elevating the brand image! While swing tags are used so much in everyday life, not many people know much about swing tags printing. In fact, many don’t even know they are called swing tags without even realizing!

Today, we will look at different types of swing tags to help you know the difference between them. This will help you to better understand which type of swing tags you need for your own product.

There are 3 types of swing tags that are commonly used:

Gift Tags
In terms of swing tags printing, gift tags are among the top due to their versatility and popularity. People use gift tags for a lot of purposes, such as corporate events, birthdays, and parties, and even for handing out gifts to clients/employees. If you are seeking services related to the printing of gift tags, pay close attention to the paper quality and design options or contact BeePrinting for high quality swing tags. Gift tags that are double-sided can be a great option as they can be used to display more information. For example, one side can include details about the sender, while the other one can be reserved for the receiver.

Colored Tags
These are simple tags available in different fun colours like yellow, orange, light blue, & so on. These colored tags work best to show a little bit of fun & excitement. Since these tags feature plain colors, any message on these swing tags can easily stand out. Additionally, the mere use of these colored tags can enhance the appeal of the products. Due to the benefits of the colored tags, they are also commonly used in different products. In fact, many people even opt for colored swing tags printing for weddings and special occasions as well.

Price Tags
As the term implies, these swing tags are primarily used to display price information. However, it can also be used to display other relevant information like company name, instructions, & so on. Price tags are also ideal in situations which requires the need to display prices without the use of adhesive stickers.